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G 4.2. 1Nearly 90% of the world's approximately 37 million blind people live in the poorer areas of earth. The main causes of blindness are basically preventable or curable: cataracts, trachoma, river blindness, vitamin A deficiency. But poorer areas, such as Puma in Tanzania, still lack many things needed to help those people affected by blindness: knowledge and awareness of prevention; drugs and mechanisms for their distribution; eye care facilities; sufficiently trained local specialized personnel. The association "Vision for Puma e.V." has set for itself ambitious goals: preventing and curing blindness in Puma, one of the poorest regions in the center of Tanzania. This concern is also supported by the Potsdam Eye Clinic.

In order to counteract the major health problems on the ground we are missing things like: Education for better prevention, medical equipment, trained professionals, medicine, computers and diagnostic equipment. The list goes on. However, help does not have to be expensive: Through volunteer work alone, Puma can already carry out a nearly complete cataract surgery with just € 20. In the Western world this is unimaginable. For a native in Puma it's a chance for a new life.

For several years, we have been supporting this concept. In September 2016, even in person, represented by our employee Maximilian Rasch on site in Puma.

Website "Vision for Puma"

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